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    手机云端游戏平台‘My name, monsieur. Did you wish to see me?’


    ‘I think we can deduce that,’ said Lefarge.
    ‘I suppose the body could not have been concealed anywhere in the house?’
    ‘I’ll do so,’ said the other, slipping an automatic pistol into his pocket.


    1.‘The circumstances are certainly singular,’ said the Chief. ‘Let me think whom I shall put in charge of it with you. Dupont is perhaps the best man, but he is engaged on that burglary at Chartres.’ He looked up a card index. ‘Of those disengaged, the best perhaps are Cambon, Lefarge, and Bontemps. All good men.’
    2.First he would go again to the Charenton waiter and explain the importance of settling the day on which Boirac lunched. Perhaps the man would now be able to recall some circumstance which would make this clear. Next he would find out from Fran?ois and Dufresne whether any phrase such as ‘Calais wants you’ had been used by the telephone operator. This inquiry, he noted, must be made with great skill, so as to avoid rousing Boirac’s suspicions should either man repeat the conversation. From the telephone central at Calais, if not at Paris, he could doubtless find if calls were made from the former town to the latter at the hour in question, and he might also find that some one answering to the description of Boirac had made those calls. Finally, it might be possible at Ostend to get information about the Brussels call.
    3.Three of the men got up slowly and came forward.
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