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    开放博彩业Millie went across to him and kissed him on the forehead.


    [Pg 48]
    "I can't help feeling," said Spencer slowly, "that one is best serving Sir Charles Duncombe's interests by carrying out the work that he has left in our charge. I may be wrong, of course."
    "What you want to do is to be friends with her so long as you can, so that you may come to us freely. But one day she will have made up her mind, and then there will be a scene, and she will forbid you the house. After that watch every day in The Times in the personal part. I will let you know when it is[Pg 137] serious. I will try to tell you where I have gone. If I do that, it will mean that it is very anxious, and you must help me any way you can. Will you promise me?"


    1.She looked at him.
    2."Well now, Henry, what is it?" asked Peter at last.
    3."There was nothing to forgive," said Millie. "You did what you thought was right."
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